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Change and Compromise

on October 21, 2012


Arggghhhhh been trying for about an hour to upload a photoand it refuses to upload….I hate not understanding technology!


Well today is Sunday, been a nice weekend, just kinda been full of doing things for Dylan. Had little niece and nephew staying on Friday and friend over too. Was nice having three little ones but bloody hard work. My sis-in-law has 3 (4,3,1) and due one at the start of December, I honestly don’t know how she does it. I was shattered by the time they were going home yesterday and have to say my mad, crazy wee boy didn’t seem quite so mad and crazy when I just had him on his own. Definitely have found a new appreciation for my own kids after having niece and nephew. It’s funny how you can be wrong in how you perceive a situation to be. I had always thought my neice and nephew were absolutely perfect children and was always a little envious of how well behaved and quiet they were compared to my boy and thought how could my sis-in-law ever moan that they were anything less than perfect? Well now after having them for 24 hours I now know! And I’m actually a little bit happy that they’re not really as perfect as they seem to be! (I should really have known this though)


But, had a bit of a mad weekend the weekend before and felt maybe I needed to redeem myself in the eyes of my children?


This is what I’ve been thinkinmg though, life…well certainly when your a parent is all about change and compromise.


I love going out, having a few (maybe more!) drinks, having a dance but HATE the hangovers and especially with mad, full of beans toddler. So you have to think cut back on nights out, alcohol content, time you stay out til.


Also love spending time with children but can get tiring and hate all the mess so need to make changes and compromise.


Everything it feels at times is a juggling, balancing act.


Also you think as human beings are we ever really truely happy or do we always think the grass is greener elsewhere?


My friend and I were discussing this on Friday night whilst having a couple of drinks (myself with Vodka as I’m sacrificing wine until toddler one sleeps past 6am…again compromise and change). She is 34, single with no children (through choice and breakdown of relationships) she feels I have it all, husband, mortgage, kids, cats. Whereas I am envious of her being single and able to get out there and have as much fun as she wants and sleep until midday if she pleases. We were saying though that no matter what you do have you want something different.


Anyway some thoughts for today and hopefully I can figure out how to upload photo’s for next post, I managed with previous post so no idea what I’m doing wrong?


Lot’s of love Jennifer (not feeling quite so stressed today due to new found appreciation of crazy boy!)


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